10 Quick Tips About Assisted Living

Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 12, 2016

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Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we want to help you through all the steps in finding and moving into an assisted living center. We have many blog posts that can help you in your research, as well as, our staff to answer any questions. To visit our blog and research more visit http://blog.belairecare.com/

Here though are 10 Quick Tips to keep in mind when conducting your research:

  • CNA and Medication management. Medical care is a very serious and important aspect of the facility. Talk to the CNA and Care Director when you tour. See what their personality are like and if they are attentive to their residents. Also ask about their medication management. Do all CNAs take charge in the distribution of medicine, or is there only one?
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's. Sometimes our loved ones develop Dementia and Alzheimer’s and caring for them can be difficult. Some assisted living homes have special wings dedicated to caring for those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Ask to tour these wings as it is usually separate from the rest of the facility due to wandering of some residents. See what the residents do on a daily bases, you will want your loved one to have a safe, familiar and yet stimulating environment. For more information on Dementia and Alzheimer’s care visit http://belairecare.com/alzheimers-dementia-care/
  • Services/Activities. When choosing a place for your elderly to live you want an assisted living center that compliments the personality of whomever is moving in. If your loved one is a social butterfly you will want to find a place that has tons of activities and outings for your social butterfly to attend. If they are more on the shy side you will want a place that understands that and yet still make an effort to interact with your loved one on a daily bases.
  • Price. Price is a big determining factor. When researching make sure you ask in the price is all-inclusive or id the medical and medication management is add-ons. It will definitely be easier you whoever is financially responsible to find a facility that has an all-inclusive price so as to keep the monthly payments the same.
  • Benefits. At first glance the price tag for assisted living can come as a shock. Some families worry how they will pay for housing, medical care, and everything else included with assisted living. We understand it can sometimes be a lot of money, but have no fear we have some tricks up our sleeves. Ever heard of VA Benefits? Or New Choice Waiver? What about Medicaid? All of these programs can help offset the cost of living for your elderly. To learn more ask the staff and or read our free financial guide for senior living. 5 Little Known Financial Resources for Assisted Living
  • Pets. Sometimes your loved one’s significant other passes away and you worry about their loneliness. A solution is a small pet for them to care for. If the facility does not allow pets there is always the option of “Companion Pets.” Companion Pets are robotic realistic pets that move and act like real cats or dogs. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we have found these companion pets have made a big difference in the residents that have had them.
  • Atmosphere. Most of our residents and their families put “atmosphere” at the top of their lists when searching for a place for thier loved one. They want to find a place to call home, not somewhere they had to go to be cared for. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living center we strive to make everyone feel like family. We want to know your name and your loved one’s name. We want to grow and maintain a happy family.
  • Rooms. Each facility has different sized rooms. There could be small, medium, large and maybe sometime shared or couples rooms. Be aware of what your loved one will need and ask to see the rooms upon your visit there.
  • Location. Location is important, ask in the facilities have more than one location. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we have a home in Orem, Utah as well as American Fork, Utah. So if one location does not work for you and your elderly then we have another place you can inquire about.
  • Third Party-Providers. Third Party-Providers can make the whole process easier and dare I say fun? Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we have someone to help assist in selling your loved one's house (if needs be),  dentists who make in-house calls, and a beauty salon to make your loved one feel special.