101 Things To Do With A Person With Alzheimer's

Posted by Ciara Moosman on Oct 26, 2014

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Fun things to do with a person with Alzheimer's. 
  1. Clip couponsalzheimers2. Sort poker chips
  2. Count tickets

  3. Rake leaves

  4. Use the carpet sweeper

  5. Read out loud

  6. Bake cookies

  7. Look up names in the phone book

  8. Read the daily paper out loud

  9. Ask someone with a child to visit

  10. Listen to polka music

Front view of woman holding seedling12. Plant seeds indoors or out

  1. Look at the family photographs
  2. Toss a ball

  3. Color pictures

  4. Make homemade lemonade

  5. Wipe off the table

  6. Weed the flower bed

  7. Make cream cheese mints

  8. Have a spelling beeSeniors with pets

  9. Read from the Reader's Digest

  10. Fold clothes

  11. Have a friend visit with a calm pet

  12. Cut pictures out of greeting cards

  13. Wash silverware

Seniors baking26. Bake homemade bread

  1. Sort objects by shape or color
  2. Sing old songs

  3. "Tell me more" when they talk about a memory

  4. Put silverware away

  5. Make a Valentine collage

  6. Play favorite songs and sing

  7. Take a rideSeniors walking

  8. Make a cherry pie

  9. Read aloud from Ideals magazine

  10. Play dreidels

  11. Make a basket of socks

  12. Take a walk

  13. Reminisce about 1st day of school

  14. String Cherrios to hang outside for birds

Seniors Folding Clothes41. Make a fresh fruit salad

  1. Sweep the patio

  2. Color paper shamrocks green

  3. Fold towels

  4. Have afternoon tea

  5. Remember great inventions

  6. Play PictionarySeniors painting

  7. Paint a sheet

  8. Cut out paper dolls

  9. Identify states and capitals


To Be Continued...

Look for the remaining 51 things to do in an upcoming blog post!