15 Interior Design Tips for Assisted Living

Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 13, 2016

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When decorating For your elderly loved one's keep these 15 interior design tips in mind. 


15 Interior Design Tips for Assisted Living

We believe that each room here at Bel Aire Senior Living should reflect the personality of the resident who is living there. So we have included interior design as one of the many services we have here at Bel Aire Senior Living. Click here to know more about our services and our interior designer we have on staff. 

  • Downsize. When growing older you tend to accumulate many things from your travels and adventures. So often times the elderly need to downsize and most times it is overwhelming for our loved ones to decide what to keep and what to give away. So this is where you, the family, can help. When exploring all the many treasure of your loved ones, keep one thing in mind, what is most important? You want to make sure that heirlooms are kept, pictures, and anything that has a meaning behind it. With these important jewels you can decorate your loved ones new room.
  • Pictures. Pictures can say a thousand words, and can hold a thousand memories too. Pictures, like mentioned above,  hold some sort of importance and can help your loved one feel more at home. 
  • Safety. When moving your elderly into a new room you want to make sure they are safe from falls or any injuries of any kind. Try to avoid plastic fruits and berries as your loved one might mistaken them for the real thing. Also try to keep the space as simple as possible, as this could help not only them from falling but help them from becoming overwhelmed by everything.
  • Bring Personality. What we think is by far the most fun part of moving in new residents here at Bel Aire Senior Living, is getting to see their personalities portrayed in their rooms. Some residents love quilts and have multiple all over the walls, couches and beds. Some painted their favorite colors on the wall, while others wanted fun decorative bedspreads to brighten up their rooms. Whatever the case may be, we highly recommend making the room reflected the personality of your loved one.
  • Comforts of Home. When moving into an assisted living home your loved one may not want to leave their house where they raised their family in. We understand and want to help. What we suggest is bringing the home with them. Not the entire house, but what they loved most about it. Maybe it was their dog or cat they loved most, well bring it with them. Or maybe it was the wood panel with all the heights of their kids growing up on it, well bring it with them. (if possible and if not take a picture and make a poster out of it) What we are trying to say here is make your loved ones room be a piece of home that they are able to bring with them on their new journey at an assisted living home.
  • Bathroom. The bathroom can be a tricky place to organize and use for your loved one. So when decorating and or moving things into their new bathroom make sure you keep in mind the mobility of your loved one. Make sure to not put things to high or low, be aware of fluffy rugs as the wheels of walkers and or wheelchairs may get stuck and be cautions of what is kept in the bathroom throw out anything that could harm your elderly. Overall make sure the bathroom is functional and safe for your loved one to use.
  • Storage. Often residents who move into assisted living are going from either a house or apartment to living one room. So making all of their possessions, they decided to keep, fit in one room can be hard. What we suggest is be creative and have fun with the storage. Find furniture that can be used for multiple things, such as, a coffee table with storage drawers underneath. Or perhaps a bed with drawers underneath or a mirror that opens up and they are able to store their jewelry behind the mirror. Be creative and have fun.
  • Colors. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we are  big fans and users of multi-function of anything. We want to get the most out of what we have. So one thing we inform our residents and their families when they decided to paint is that the color on the walls or any color helps with preventing memory loss. For example we had one resident decide to paint a couple of her walls cotton candy pink. Why? Well the color, cotton candy pink, reminded her of her childhood bedroom and all the happy memories would come flooding back when she walked into her room. One small and simple thing made this resident so very happy each and everyday. So from this experience we encourage colors that remind our residents of what makes them most happy.
  • Well Lit Space. Often times our elderly residents do not have the best eyesight and that is ok, but with bad eyesight we want to make sure their living space is well lit so that they may enjoy their surroundings and see where they are walking. When deciding what light fixtures to put in the rooms, find something easy to use and maybe something creative if it suits your loved one.
  • Avoid Busy Designs. When choosing fabrics you will want to stay away from fabrics that are busy, as this can bring on confusion or overwhelming. Choose something that will help them feel at home  and easy them into their new living environment.
  • Walk-Way Clear. When placing furniture make sure to keep the walk-way clear. Also try avoiding rugs that are raised or really any rugs in general. The reason being is with rugs your elderly can trip and fall over the corners that have become folded over or their walkers/wheelchairs get stuck on the rugs.
  • Furniture. Something we see a lot with our residents are “favorite chairs.” Most if not all of our residents have brought in their”favorite chairs” that have traveled from house to house with them throughout the years. We love and highly encourage this. For it make them feel at home and also make the transition easier for your loved one. Along with bring favorite furniture we recommend to avoid any furniture that is glass and or that has sharp corners, as these pieces of furniture could possible harm your loved one.
  • Wheelchair/Walker. If your loved one has a wheelchair and or walker remember that when choosing the room, furniture, bathroom fixtures and anything else that will be going into the room. As the wheelchairs and walkers could become stuck or make moving around the room difficult.
  • Textures. Like mentioned above our staff and residents, here at Bel Aire Senior Living, love anything and everything that can multi-function. So when it comes to decorating we encourage residents and family to pick fabrics for the bed and pillows that: 1) has a color which the resident like and 2) maybe even a texture that can stimulate the residents mind and help them to combat dementia.
  • Social Environment. Many resident’s family always ask us how our social environment is here at Bel Aire Senior Living, because they want to make sure their loved ones has the chance to make friends. When decorating your loved ones room keep in mind if they are social or not. If they are then make sure to add seating or make the atmosphere in their room inviting so as to make them feel they can “invite friends over.”

The staff here at Bel Aire Senior Living wants nothing more than your loved one to thrive. We have seen on more than one occasion residents move in and make great strides towards improvement, due to being social, eating right, and the overall care we provide here. We want Bel Aire Senior Living to be a second home and what better way to do that then by decorating your loved one's room in a way that comforts, stimulates, and brightens their life.


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