5 Steps to Assisted Living

Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 31, 2016

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Where to begin? When you start looking at assisted living you are entering into a different chapter of your life. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a loved one.You all of the sudden become a caretaker or you need one. It can be a difficult place to be in. Accepting it and entering into assisted living. 

Some tips for your Tuesday

What can we say about assisted living? 

Its Hard!

Its tough!


Its fun!

Its loving!

Its your second family!!


So take a deep breath. Take another one. Good, now take one more and remind yourself Bel Aire Senior Living is here to help.


1) The number one things to do when you start your research for assisted living is to make a list of what you want in an assisted living home. Is it fun activities? Maybe home cooked meals? What about loving CNA’s and Staff? Whatever it maybe write it down so when you start looking at places you know what you want and go from there.

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2) Research, Research, and maybe some more research. Why research three time? More times than not people are scared of things they don't know about. So educate yourself to be prepared for what is to come.


3) Call and talk to someone. Why is this important? It is important because reading is a great first start, but not all the information may be on there. So pick up the phone and talk to someone in charges of new residents.


4) Tour. You need to see first hand how the residents and staff are at the assisted living homes. Do the CNA’s know the residents by name? Are the residents in relatively happy moods? What about the food? Ask to taste some, would you eat it? All these question can be answered when you walk the halls of any senior living facility.


5) Finally, sit down with your loved ones and discuss the options you have found. Ask their opinion. Discuss among yourselves if this is the right step. If it is call the chosen assisted living facility and put your room on hold.


There are a lot of things going into choosing a second home, we hope these five steps can make the journey much easier on you.


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You can add more steps and take away others, lets us know what you think. Or if you have any questions about our facilities or about assisted living in general schedule a free consultation with our New Resident Coordinator.

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