When the chips are down... Yell BINGO!

Posted by Allie Fannin on Feb 21, 2018



Have you ever wondered why senior citizens seem to enjoy BINGO so much? Or why the stereotype even exists? What if we told you that there are health benefits to playing BINGO and it helps senior citizens to have a better quality of life?

There are 4 major benefits that playing a game of BINGO gives a senior citizen.

  • Increases hand eye coordination

Hand eye coordination is anytime the eye guides the hand via signals in the brain. Every day activities such as writing, brushing teeth, catching a ball, or even catching yourself if you are about to fall. 1 in 4 senior citizens aged older than 65 fall at least once a year. If we can improve hand eye coordination we can help prevent falls in senior citizens. BINGO is a fun way to help improve their hand eye coordination. By seeing where the numbers are and placing the marker on said number they are helping the brain signals to tell their eye and hand where to go.


  • Cognitive skills and abilities are improved

Cognitive skills are used in mental exercises, they are most demonstrated through perception, memory, motor skills, language skills, and emotional management. By playing BINGO it helps increase short term memory by making a person recall numbers that have been called already. And helps them practice emotional management by being a good sport. 

Dementia affects a person's cognitive abilities, the biggest struggle a person with dementia encounters is perception. While most of us don't recognize when perception is a problem it is harder for us to understand. When dementia affects a person's perception it is affecting the brain's ability to interpret what their eyes see. This will cause confusion and frustration by not being able to understand what their eyes are seeing. By playing BINGO it helps a person to increase their perception by being able help their brain and their eyes focus on the numbers and to read them correctly.

  • Boosts Physical and Mental Health

Dr. Brock Chisolm first director of the World Health Organization said "Without mental health there can be no true physical health." when we do not take care of our mental health our physical health suffers, and the same can be said that when we do not take care of our physical health our mental health suffers. There is a strong coorelation between physical health and mental health. When a person is mentally well they are physically well also. By helping them play a game that helps boost their mental health we are helping them improve their mental capability of being physically healthy. Depression developed later in life poses a high risk of developing other physical illnesses. By playing BINGO a person is able to be active and spend time with friends and to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety!

  • Increases socialization!

Everyone likes to have friends! Many of our loved ones usually remain at home with only family for company. Senior Socialization leads to a better quality of life! BINGO provides an excellent opportunity for increased socialization with friends close to their own age. It is a fun way for a senior citizen to get involved in their community and to make more friends!

So next time we stop and wonder why senior citizens like BINGO so much let's join in with them and have fun and improve health all around!

Bel Aire Senior Living plays BINGO Monday through Friday.

We also offer Respite care services if your loved one wants to come join us!