Posted by McKenna Burr on Apr 8, 2015

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April Newsletter 2015

Positive Thought:
"Keep the enthusiasm of your youth and treasure the wisdom of old age." - Lailah Gifty Akita

Trivia Whiz:

Major League Milestone- As spring gets into full swing, so does Major League baseball. Hit a trivia home run by learning these fun facts: Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench could hold seven baseballs in one hand. Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Je. didn't miss a game in 16 years. From 1982 to 1998, he played in 2,632 consecutive games. Deion Sanders is the only man to play in both a World Series and a Super Bowl. The longest professional baseball game lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes. After 25 innings, the Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers 7 to 6.

Welcome to Bel Aire!

We're so pleased to have you with us, and we're looking forward to getting to know you better. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Just for fun!

Q: Why did Justin cut a hole in his new umbrella?

A: Because he wanted to be able to tell when it stopped raining.


Q: Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?

A: Because the children have to play inside.


Q: Why did the weather want privacy?

A: It was changing.


Q: What doesn't get any wetter no matter how much it rains?

A: The ocean.

Wit and Wisdom:

"In this world, a good time to laugh is any time you can." -Linda Ellerbee

"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anyone needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other." - August Wilson

"Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"There is little success where there is little laughter." - Andrew Carnegie

"You can't deny laughter; when it comes. it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." -Stephen King

"Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand." -Mark Twain