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Posted by Marissa Barnard on Jun 14, 2016

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So as Utah county continues to grow so do the assisted living places around us. We have seen many companies build these beautiful facilities with splash pads, ice cream parlors, and 5,000 gallon fish tanks. These building now how to stage and they know how to up sell. These building are no doubt some of the prettiest buildings around Utah, we will give them that. You can dress up all you want, but what really matter is what is on the inside. Do you have staff that are loving? Reliable? What about happy residents? Does the staff know each person by name? And their back story? These things are what are important when looking for an assisted living center or even considering touring a place. You want your loved one to be loved not just another number on the list to be taken care of. At Bel Aire Senior Living we pride ourselves on what is on the inside, while we maintain a clean home we don't have an ice cream parlor, or a splash pad, but we do a\have an amazing staff. We have professionally trained CNA’s, who know every resident by name and take the time to talk with them. Our staff is reliable, here everyday around the clock to make our resident feel comfortable. We live by this quote:



Our residents don't live in our workplace. We work in their Home.


It’s one things to seek after a goal, but when you are told by an outside party that you are accomplishing your goals for senior care it makes everything worthwhile.


Read for yourself how Bel Aire Senior Living has been doing in Senior Care, from a former resident:



Bel Aire was the best place for my mom who had advanced dementia. She had been in another memory care facility in the area but was not given the care that she was given at Bel Aire. (Just because a care facility has expensive furnishings and a nice fish aquarium does not mean they give good care). I would suggest to anyone that needs to put a loved one in Memory Care to go to Bel Aire. It's smaller and much more personable. The CNAs are loving, compassionate, kind, and they really do care. The activity lady in Memory Care is knowledgeable and kind. Sherry is great to work with and supportive. The doctor on call at Bel Aire was the best I've encountered in the 8 years with Mom's dementia. Even Brighton Hospice that they suggested was wonderful. I cannot say enough great things about this place!


This is just one of are many reviews we have, check our other ones out by clicking here!

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