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Posted by Emma Shurtz on Sep 19, 2016

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Assisted Living


  • Do you have a parent over the age of 60 that isn't able to live on their own anymore?
  • That can’t do everything they were able to do?


If you said yes to either of these questions, assisted living may be a good option to choose. Assisted Living is housing for seniors and/or people with disabilities that has provided nursing care, housekeeping, and prepared meals. This is a great option for anyone who has a senior friend or family friend that may need a little more help. It's not just for people who are too busy and caught up in their job or family. There are many reasons  why this option of putting your parent and/or friend in an Assisted Living Facility is such a good idea.


  1. Around the clock care: This is a huge deal! Because when your loved one gets older they will be on more medication that needs to be given at certain times. Some of which are in the middle of the night and early in the morning. They won't be able to take showers by themselves and will need more help than they ever have. Assisted living facilities also only have their employees administer medication to the residents. And all the employees that handle the medications are CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistance) or have an higher degree to do be able to do what the resident wants to do.
  2. Fun activities: There are so many activities that are planned in Assisted Living Facilities. Some of which are puzzles, walks, doing nails or hair (for the women), arts and crafts, exercise, and mind games. These things are very beneficial because it will make the seniors feel young again. And instead of them sitting at their home or in a room they have a chance to get out and learn new things. It’s been proven in studies that doing little activities like these will help prolong health and help them have a more comfortable lifestyle.
  3. Senior doesn't feel like a burden: A lot of seniors that can’t do everything by themselves have to move in with a family member or a close friend. Meanwhile the person they moved in with has to drop everything to help. Which in most cases result in the senior who is seeking care feel’s like they are a burden. And may try to do things that they can’t physically do so they won’t “bother” anyone. And that could result in an injury or just unhealthy living.
  4. Can visit: Most Assisted Living Facilities have an open door policy to family members where they can visit their loved one as many times as they would like. And also can “check them out”. So if there is a family party or you just want to go out to eat. Family members can pick up their loved one and take them out somewhere, and bring them back to the facility after they are done.


There are so many more positive things that could be said about senior living. But those are just a few. So if you are debating on how to help your loved one be more comfortable in life. An Assisted Living Facility would be an excellent choice for them and the family.

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