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Places to Travel on a Budget

Below are some hot spots for tourists who dislike coming home from vacation with an empty wallet.

The worst part about traveling? For me it's definitely the price to get around. I have been blessed with being able to travel quite a bit in my life and every time I start planning another adventure, money is always one of, if not the biggest, factors. If I would have found this article sooner, I would have saved big money! No regrets on my part though, just more opportunities and options for future trips. The article I found on lists the top 10 places to visit on a college budget. I'm currently not a college student, but I am living off a similar budget. Whether you're in the same boat, or you are better off, everyone loves a good bargain!

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History of New Year's Eve Traditions

Happy New Year's! Here a few fun facts we bet you didn't know.

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Ring In The New Year with Activities for the Whole Family!

Having troubles coming up with the perfect way to celebrate the New Year's that involves the whole family? Check out these fun ideas we found from an article we adored!

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