Bel Aire 2013 Halloween

Posted by Kristina Law on Nov 14, 2013

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I know I’m a bit late with this, but I am just getting to load a few pictures onto my computer. Halloween at Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, UT was so much fun. Residents were dressed up in costumes and they were all together in the downstairs hallway. Each Trick or treater was showered with smiles and candy. The decorations were also fabulous. We want to thank all staff, especially our Activities director Marcela Valdivia for putting this all together.

Did you know the history behind Trick or Treat?

The general practice of going door-to-door for treats is clearly similar to a much older practice, "souling," in which the poor would go from house to house begging for alms or food. However, the specific practice of "trick-or-treating" dates to around the 1930s. It is possible—though by no means certain—that it evolved as an antidote for the increasingly rowdy and costly Halloween pranks. It provided a healthier activity for the young and gave them an incentive not to play tricks.