Building Your Senior Caregiving Library

Posted by Kristina Law on Oct 17, 2013

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Building Your Senior Caregiving Library - As a family caregiver for your senior parent or family member, you must undoubtedly face a large number of challenges, and you could use all the help you can get. Much of the responsibility for obtaining proper skills and techniques is in your hands and there are many different resources available to help you improve. One of my favorite ideas is to read any and all books that can offer greater insight. Here's a look at some books that you as a caregiver should add to your library:

How to care for the elderly1. How to Care for Aging Parents Paperback

by Virginia Morris (Author) , Robert M. Butler (Foreword)
The best and bestselling book of its kind. Originally published in 1995, How To Care For Aging Parents, won a Books for a Better Life Award, and was praised as "an indispensable book" (AARP) and "a compassionate guide of encyclopaedic proportion" (The Washington Post). It also catapulted its author, Virginia Morris, to national prominence as a recognized eldercare authority on Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, and other media. Nine years later, and the need for the book is mushrooming. Virginia Morris responds with a completely revised, up-to-date new edition. Expanded from 450 to over 650 pages, it covers all the emotional, legal, financial, medical, and logistical issues in caring for the elderly. There are new sections on expanded housing options, alternative therapies, balancing career and care giving, and dealing with difficult parents. It covers the biggest change in care giving - the newfound independence of seniors and benefits of healthy aging-and the reverse: Three chapters are dedicated to caring for parents with Alzheimers.


"A compassionate guide of encyclopedic proportion."
The Washington Post (The Washington Post)"This guide, aimed at the "Sandwich Generation," provides a road map to assist adult children in caring for their aging parents. Combining personal experience with expertise in healthcare and social and political issues, Morris has produced a thoroughly researched, well-organized, and comprehensive manual. Chapters follow in logical progression, yet they can stand alone and be read on an "as-needed" basis. The topics covered include the concrete, practical areas such as home care, finances, nursing homes/hospitals, legal issues, and medical/safety concerns as well as the psychosocial areas of handling emotions, dealing with death and dying, sibling conflicts, and spiritual needs. In her discussions, Morris adds useful details such as a suggested list of things to pack for the hospital. Support for the caregiver as well as to the elderly person is covered. Sprinkled throughout the text are agencies, phone numbers, and other reference information."
(Library Journal)

Stages of Senior Care2. Stages of Senior Care: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Decisions Paperback

by Paul Hogan (Author) , Lori Hogan (Author)

Choosing the best care for your aging parents and other seniors in your life is not only complex, with multiple options available, it's also highly personal and often emotional. This essential resource—written by the founders of Home Instead Senior Care, the world's largest provider of nonmedical care for seniors—guides you through a comprehensive range of things to consider, step by step, so you can make better informed decisions and be confident that the senior in your life is receiving the best care possible. Checklists and diagnostics will help you:

  • Decide if at-home care is the right choice for you and your loved ones
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of retirement communities, adult care centers, nonmedical caregivers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice
  • Determine the costs of senior care options and find helpful support networks

"This is not just another book about caring for aging parents. It's a great reference you'll use again and again. Stages doesn't shy away from the hard questions. Rather, it shows you how to confront them."—SUZANNE MINTZ, President/CEO, National Family Caregivers Association

"Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this salient volume compassionately addresses a full range of hard-to-discuss subjects."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

All of the authors' profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation.

Paul and Lori Hogan founded Home Instead Senior Care in 1994. Now with 850 offices in 15 countries, Home Instead is recognized as a global leader and authority on senior care. Visit them at


How to Say It to Seniors3. How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders Paperback

by David Solie (Author)
It's shocking that this book is being marketed merely to professionals who must deal with the vagaries of the senior personality. It's simply the best book on the subject I've read. The author has a huge heart for seniors and those who work with them--professionals, certainly, but also neighbors, friends, children, grandchildren.If you're looking for a book on how to manhandle or finesse the elderly into doing what you want (even for their own good), then this isn't for you. Solie explains the new goals seniors face as they contemplate their lives--often alone, as peers and spouses die--and the twin conflicting motivations they must wrangle with--the need for control, and the need to let go. Walking us through their worlds--a world that, if we're honest, we can't but guess at--Solie gently prods us to reevaluate WHY we are communicating so poorly, and how we can improve. In the end, it is we who must change, especially our instinct to bully the senior into a more comfortable situation (usually for US, but as always, "for their own good").Respect, love, sympathy, and cheer shine out of his writing and text. I read it in one sitting, and found myself in tears. Why didn't I have this book when my mother was still alive?
Bel Aire is pleased to offer a wide variety of books in our library to all those in assisted living in American Fork UT.