BYU Bean Museum Visit

Posted by McKenna Burr on Jul 29, 2015

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BYU Bean Museum Visit

Bel Aire Senior Living had a group of residents from our Memory Care take a trip to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University (BYU). The museum recently had a renovation done and is now reopen to the public. They added on 30,000 square feet which now houses several new facilities, including: an orientation classroom, an expanded museum store, education classrooms and offices, several new exhibits and an exhibit preparation area.

The museum offers various educational programs as well as opportunities to learn about species conservation, the diversity and ecology of life on earth, and the importance of caring for earth resources.

The New President Boyd K. Packer Gallery

This is one of the new exhibits that is featuring the artwork of President Boyd. K Packer. With this exhibit, you will see his love for nature shine through his handcrafted wood carvings, childhood sketches, and exquisite paintings. The elements in this exhibit are meant to replicate the Packers family den. President Packer has loved going to the Bean Museum over the years to get some inspiration for his artwork.

Events Offered

There are many different types of activities that are offered through the museum. They have the Junior Naturalist Program where kids from grades 4-6 can go and explore different types of nature and all it has to offer. They have different age groups that offer going and seeing the unique features nature has to offer. You can also get collectible bookmarks or experience the ipod/ipad electronic tours.

The New Museum Store

With the new renovation, they were able to expand the museum store. Visitors will experience the unique array of merchandise the store has to offer, including stuffed animals for our younger shoppers, books and games for the budding scientists, and beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewelry and gifts for all ages. Our store not only provides a variety of unique and fun products, but the products are also related to and support the mission of the museum—to educate the public about conservation, the life sciences, and our sacred earth stewardship responsibilities.

Museum Mission Statement

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University is a dynamic repository and trustee for a remarkable group of biological collections. These collections are used to celebrate the role of Jesus Christ as Creator, while enhancing student learning and mentoring and promoting faculty teaching and research. They also serve as a unique venue for inviting the public and scientific community to explore and contemplate intricate biological relationships and processes.

Our residents loved going and experiencing nature in a unique way. They were able to go enjoy the museum with friends and family. We are so excited about the renovation on this museum and cant wait to go back!

BYU Bean Museum Visit

BYU Bean Museum Visit

BYU Bean Museum Visit


BYU Bean Museum Visit

To see more information about this museum, Visit Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.