What Every Cat Owner Needs To Have In Their Home

Posted by Kristina Law on Aug 10, 2015

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What Every Cat Owner Needs To Have In Their Home

Whether you plan on adopting a kitty, or have one already, there are some things that the home of every cat owner should have. First, make sure to provide private and safe areas for your cat to go about her business, like napping or using the litter box; these areas are all the more important if you have a dog or other pets in the house. Then, purchase tags to attach to the collar, maybe even a kitty harness and a leash if you want to take her out for a walk sometimes. A cat carrier is essential for those vet visits and also to bring your kitty along at family reunions or on holidays.

Secondly, you’ll need food and water bowls; place several bowls in different rooms in the house where the kitty can get to them easily, and make sure they are always filled with clean water. Get quality cat food; if you know your cat has a food allergy or some other medical condition that requires only certain types of food, make sure you have plenty of those around. Also make a habit of checking regularly the expiration date on each package and replace about-to-expire cans with new ones as needed.

Next comes the litter box that you do not necessarily have to purchase from a pet shop; it can be a large yet shallow container made of plastic, that you can fill and clean easily. The important thing about litter, whether clumping or regular, is that the cat likes it; remember to never use scented litter, though. You will also need a scooper, which can be a large kitchen spoon used exclusively for this purpose. To clean the box and the scooper, you will need a mild dish detergent as well, but make sure it is unscented, and place an extra litter box in a different room or on another floor for the cat to use.

Safety first

Kitty will also need toys to play on her own or for you to join in on the fun; toys have a more practical role, however, as they can turn into the recipients of typical cat behaviors, like chasing or biting. Toys the cat can cling to are also important so that she will not accidentally hurt you while playing together. Moreover, scratching posts scattered throughout the house will keep the cat from using her claws on your couch, while a window perch can also provide a great pastime especially if yours is an indoor pet only, as can a cozy cat bed, be it a mat, a cushion, or an igloo to keep your cat warm on cold nights.

Finally, cat proof your home by making sure potential kitty hazards are placed somewhere safe, away from your cat’s reach. There is a large array of house items that falls under this category; some examples include plants (particularly lilies, tulip bulbs, chrysanthemums, azaleas), certain foods (like onions and garlic), pills and other medicine meant for human use, coffee, tea, alcohol, cleaning supplies, rubber bands, ribbons, paper clips, motor oil, etc.

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