Choosing a Senior Facility 101

Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 25, 2016

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Some wisdom for this beautiful day.

What is the deciding factor when looking at senior living facilities?

Would you say the food they serve? How about the activities? Maybe it's the staff?

Steve Sabins, the founder of Bel Aire Senior Living, wants to make everyone’s experience personal. He doesn't want to be put in the same category as a nursing homes or an old folks home. Bel Aire Senior Living is a home for the elderly. Keyword being HOME. Steve has brainstormed and put his heart into making Bel Aire Senior Living stand apart from the stereotypical thought of assisted living. He starts with hiring an outstanding team, meeting with each potential employee and making sure they will be a great asset to the Bel Aire family.

(click here to get to know each of our team memebers individualy)

Starting with hiring an amazing team, creates a firm foundation in which to build Bel Aire Senior Living. The employees actually look forward to coming to work each day and come with a smile knowing they are loved and care about just as much as the residents who live here are.

From the time you step foot inside the doors of Bel Aire Senior Living you know you have stepped into a loving home. That right there is how we make everyone’s experience at Bel Aire Senior Living personal. We build a home, not just another assisted living center.


Why do we strive to make it personal? When faced with the decision of choosing whether or not to place your loved one in a senior living facility, your main worry will usually be if they will love mom or dad the way I do. Or will my loved one become just another face in the crowd? We understand this concern. For we would be in the same boat when deciding where to place our loved ones. So this is why Steve decide to make your experience here at Bel Aire Senior Living personal. We can promise from day one your loved one will not be another face in the crowd, and yes they will be loved the same amount here as if they were at home with you. This is what sets us apart from other senior living facilities. We make sure to not only know the residents names, but the family’s names as well.


When you walk in and know that you are known and loved makes the decision to let mom or dad live with us so much easier. It gives you back the family relationship. It lets you relax and make the most of your time with them. You no longer have to worry if they are be taken care of correctly, or if they are eating enough. All of that and more is done for you.



Learning abour assisted living can be a lot of information to remeber, so what we have done is put together a book on assisted living for you to download for free. That way you dont have to remeber anything and you will have all the informtion at the tip of your fingers. So click below and learn more to help not only your loved one, but you as well. 


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