Christmas Season Respite Care Coupon

Posted by Kristina Law on Nov 29, 2013

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Rest and Recharge

The role you’ve taken as a primary caregiver is a very demanding one. Your loved one depends on you. As the caregiver, not only do you need to have an occasional break, but also it’s really necessary that you take the time to recharge your physical, spiritual and emotional well being. It’s very important that you take the time to care for yourself to ensure you’re not getting rundown without even noticing and that you’ll be up to the challenges that will come your way.

Why should you use Bel Aire Respite Program?

Bel Aire Senior Living is ready to step in with the same considerate care and concern for your loved one’s needs so you can get away for any reason. Whether you need to do some Christmas shopping, attend your grand child’s school event, get some much needed sleep or just have lunch with some friends, our respite care services allow you to relax and enjoy, knowing your family member is well cared for in your absence. Our respite care program is also a wonderful solution when you go on vacation, travel for the holidays, or attend an out-of-town event such as a wedding or reunion.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Bel Aire can provide respite care daily, weekly or as needed. We are happy to arrange care for just a few hours, overnight or 24-hour care while you’re away.

To help you alleviate the stress that comes with Christmas season, Bel Aire Senior Living is offering this Holiday Season Respite Care Coupon to offer help to those in need. As you can see on the coupon above, Bel Aire is offering 2 FREE HOURS for Respite Care during this holiday season. Offer is good from 11/28/2013 – 12/31/2013. Rate of $15/hr will be applied to any additional hours. Up to 8 hours per day allowed. Please call Bel Aire Senior Living at 801 763 0622 for availability.

If you are a care giver or know someone else who could use such help, please pass it on.