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Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 26, 2016

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The best project you will ever work on is yourself.

You only get one body so treat it right. 

Ok yes let's treat our bodies right. Where do we start? Well how about with:

Eating healthy: always have veggies and fruits!

Or exercising: At least three times a week take time out of your day to exercise. It doesn't mean going to the gym, just going for a little walk can do the trick.

Brain Fitness: Say what? Yes exercising your brain is a must on treating your body right. But why is it on the list?

Because it is of the utmost importance, so we can function day to day at our best. Along with being our best selves it helps to fight off disease, prolong our lives, and maintain a healthy weight.

Though exercise is on top of our list, we also find brain fitness at the top of the list as well. Taking care of our brain and exercising it is an essential part of our live, as it is what keeps us going.

How do we exercise our Brains at Bel Aire Senior Living? One way is with Dakim Brain Fitness.


Well what is it?

DAKIM BRAIN FITNESS – This specialty computer program uses patented NeuroLogic technology that cross-train our resident’s brain in six essential cognitive domains to provide a comprehensive brain workout. Then once test the residents are trained, through Dakim’s computer game, in the areas that are not functioning to their best abilities

Think of Dakim Brain Fitness as a personal trainer for your brain. How cool is that, right?

We are proud to say that Bel Aire Senior Living is one of the only senior living homes in Utah that has Dakim Brain Fitness available for its residents.

Why we have it:

We use Dakim to help our residents challenge and exercise their brains to help slow down the signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our residents find Dakim Brain Fitness one of their favorite activities. Every morning you can find a group of them surrounding the computer waiting their turn as well as cheering on the others while they play. Dakim understands the need for brain fitness as well as the playability of the game. Making the game user friendly yet challenging enough to encourage players is one thing they know their game to be.

To find out other ways we exercise check out our website ! Click Me


One thing we find amazing about the company in general is they regularly review the game and update so that it is an always changing game.

To learn more about Dakim Brain Fitness visit their website and let them know what you think.

Want to checkout for yourself how Dakim Brain Fitness works? Or what other activities we we do? Click below and schedule a free consultation. 


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