Dear Bel Aire Assisted Living

Posted by McKenna Burr on Nov 18, 2015

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Thank you Cards

Dear Bel Aire Assisted Living,

Thank you for the eleven years of tender care you showed for mom. She saw many changes during that time; a larger facility, but care remained the same. You hire very sweet and loving people. Her mobility changed from helping herself in and out her wheel chair to requiring help, then she had the mobile electric chair.

The stroke mom suffered made her so different and fragile. When hospice was called in March, I felt they were in error. But you and hospice were correct, they were going to re-evaluate her in December. The last three weeks were difficult, but her peaceful passing was a wonderful blessing.

The flowers you sent were very nice. Thank you, I don't know if someone picked them out or it was a phone order, but the butterfly in the greenery was the same color as the one in her room. She loved them.

Thank you again for your kindness, it was very thoughtful.

Brenda P.