Fabulous 50's Bingo

Posted by Heidi Hays on Jun 30, 2017

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Here at Bel Aire we do a ton of activities with our residents. Everything from balloon volleyball to bean bag toss games. Exercising with our walking group and knitting hats for our humanitarian projects. The most popular activity of all, we play BINGO!

We love BINGO! It's our favorite activity. We enjoy being with our friends and having fun. Winning great prizes and treats is an added bonus for sure. We usually try to play everyday. The last time we played we decided to change it up a bit by having a themed BINGO.

The Fabulous 50's!! That's right, we greased our hair back and found our leather jackets and poodle skirts. We decorated in 50's decor, listened and danced to 50's music and had root beer floats for a treat. A few of our residents even dressed up in bob bi socks and scarfs...How fun!! We even had a few people from different Senior Centers stop by and enjoy the party.



The 50's night was so enjoyable I think we are going to try hosting a themed party every few months. Maybe a 1920's BINGO with Gangsters and Flapper Girls dancing to the Charleston. Or a Western BINGO with Gunslingers and Cowboys and Indians. Whatever the theme I'm sure the residents will enjoy the theme change, as long as there are prizes and snacks, everyone is happy!!

Check out our website for our next BINGO themed party. All Seniors are welcome to join us in snacks, fun and maybe make a new friend or two. 

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