Father's Day Luau

Posted by Heidi Hays on Jun 26, 2017

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Sunday, once a year, we take time to celebrate Father figures on Father's day. The man of the house, the killer of all creepy crawly things and the opener of stubborn jars. Yes, our Father's they can do all of these things and more but as we all know they play a much bigger part in our families and in our lives.

Father's wear a lot of hats. Not just the awesome baseball hats or the cowboy hat that makes them look like John Wayne. No, these men who are our Father's, they also take on the role as Gardener, Mechanic, Handyman, Cook and even Mother. The man who works long, hard hours then comes home to put on a different hat.

Our Father's are also role models to their children. They teach us how to be tough and strong but also to have compassion and to show kindness to one another. Father's teach us how to stay safe and to protect us from danger when we can no longer do it ourselves. They are our shoulder to cry on and a helping hand to lift us up when we fall. Someone to look up to, someone to follow and someone to love.

We know that not being home with loved ones is hard and on Holidays it seems worse. We try to make everyday special for our residents but on Holidays we really try to do things extra special for everyone. That's why here at Bel Aire we like to celebrate Father's Day BIG by having a Hawaiian Luau for all of our residents. We had authentic Hawaiian food, music and entertainment. We went all out with beautiful Hawaiian dancers that had everyone trying to Hula. By the pictures it looks like everyone had an GREAT TIME!! 

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