February Newsletter 2015!

Posted by Kristina Law on Feb 10, 2015

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Take a look at our February Newsletter! January was a fun month, and February is looking just as promising- read all about it.

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February Newsletter 2015


Motivational Thought:

There is no key to happiness, the door is always open.

Passionate Preferences:

Romance blossoms during the month of February as sweethearts express their love on Valentine's Day. During this season of affection, use the questions below to start a discussion about some of your romantic favorites.

What is your favorite romantic song? Who performs it? Why does it have a special meaning for you? Do you have a favorite romantic movie? If so, what is it and who are the film's stars? When do you first remember seeing the picture? Is there a love poem or novel about love you consider your favorite? In your opinion, who is the most romantic couple in history? What about the couple makes them a model pair?

Just for Fun:

Last year we had some pretty amazing times, so fun to look back and reminisce.