#FoodFriday- The powers of comfort food

Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 20, 2016

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Being Homesick is a real thing and can be hard to get rid of. You can feel alone and is no one is on your side. At Bel Aire Senior Living our residents take priority and helping them with homesickness is one of our many specialties. 


When you have grown up and made memories in a home it can be hard to move on from that house. It can sometimes feel as if you are abandoning your family’s memories or letting something down. You have watched your family grow, fight, love, and help each other time and time again throughout the house. Maybe you measured your children's heights on the inside of your closet or have drawings you treasure on the wall from your grand kids. Things like this can make it so hard to move. It’s like letting part of who you are disappear.


Sometimes residents resist and protest moving to a senior living center, because they don’t want to lose their family home. They don’t see how a new place could ever hold the same importance or memories which their family home holds. The staff here at Bel Aire Senior Living could not get it anymore. We know moving on is hard, everyone here, though different story, has had to move on somehow some way before. We try to understand each residents worries and concern and help them to see what great opportunities lie ahead for them at Bel Aire Senior Living.


To make the transition easier and to make our place feel more at home, we’ve come together and came up with some ways to help our resident settle in easier.


First we help them to bring out their personality in their room by having them bring personal furniture and pictures to decorate. Along with that we can paint the walls any color they want. Personalizing their room can help them feel more at home and more willing to give the new place a chance.


Another way we help our resident is with food! We make home cooked meals or rather healthy comfort food for our residents. We have found having comfort food meals can make a world of difference in someone's mood. Our head chef Montana, creates each month's menu with care. Making sure to not only bring home style meals to the table, but bring well balanced meals as well.

A Little bit about our chef:



Montana Page

Head Chef

Montana has been working in the health care and mental health field since 2008. He is originally from sunny Arizona, but now he calls UT his home. He is responsible for the overall operations for the back of kitchen area of Bel Aire Senior Living. He especially enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with caring for those who can no longer care for themselves.

Montana  has a passion for food. He loves cooking meals and understands how “comfort food” can help our residents feel right at home. As our Food Services Manager, he is responsible for continuously upholding outstanding food quality and lead and motivate the kitchen team to provide the best home cooked meals that are healthy and nutritious at the same time.

Whenever Montana is not working, he enjoys being outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and anything that takes him into the mountains. He enjoys spending time at home with his wife and four sons.

One thing you would be surprised to know about him is that he enjoys studying American history. Especially the World Wars and the people know as “The Greatest Generation”. His favorite food show is Bizarre Foods.

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Montana and his team work day in and day out to create home style meals for our residents so as to help combat homesickness and help our residents feel more at home.


We all love our residents and wants what’s best for them. We care and treat our resident as if they are our family. In fact they are family, because everything at Bel Aire Senior is personal!

 Want to experience out home style meals for yourself? Come and make a free consultation and tour our facility. 

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