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Posted by Kristina Law on May 7, 2015

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Are you a caregiver who is burned out and needs a break?

Does your spouse need more care, but you do not want to go the nursing home route?

Well there is a better option, that you may not even know about, because you do not understand the key advantages of Assisted Living. It is Assisted Living. Since we wanted to make things easier for you, we wrote this FREE E-Book - A Simple Introduction To Assisted Living - to help you learn some basics and get some questions answered.

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What is Assisted Living?

Is it time?

Can I Afford Assisted Living?



DID YOU KNOW? ASSISTED LIVING IS LIKE LIVING ON A CRUISE SHIP When seniors or their family start coming to the realization of needing assistance, they have a negative view on assisted living. They believe that their independence is getting stripped from them and that they will no longer be able to make choices for themselves.

This view probably stems from the nursing home mentality they grew up with. The good news is that things have changed quite considerably since that time. In fact living in an Assisted Living Community compares to living on a cruise ship.

As you keep reading, you will learn about the advantages of assisted living and how it is not a negative thing in a senior’s life. Assisted living is in place to assist seniors, not to take away their lives. There are many things in place to make living there a happy, joyous time in their lives.

Assisted living is in place to assist seniors, not to take away their lives