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If you are in need of getting your questions answered with Medicare, SHIP is here to help you! There are medicare counselors available in different areas that can help you with paperwork, questions, or other health insurances. Read below for further information.

What is SHIP?

The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) is a free service to help people who are eligible, or will soon be eligible, for Medicare with their health insurance questions including the Medicare Prescription Drug Program.

Do you need help with?

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Paper Work

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Program

  • Medigap Insurance

  • Medicaid

  • Other Health Insurance

Trained Counselors

SHIP counselors are trained to provide information regarding Medicare benefits and programs.

Counselors Can Help You:

  • Understand Medicare benefits
  • Explore Medigap/supplemental insurance options
  • Explore Medicare Advantage options
  • Understand the Medicare Prescription Drug Program
  • Understand Medicaid programs including:
  • Qualified Medicare beneficiary (QMB) Program
  • Specified Low-income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) Program
  • Explore Long-Term Care Insurance options
  • Know your hospital and nursing home rights
  • Organize your doctor and hospital bills

It’s FREE!

There is not charge for the service, and there is no product for sale.

To Contact:

Call the toll free SHIP number or If you would like to become a SHIP counselor, call


You may visit us on the web at:

Below is a map that list the different information depending on your county. Please click on the map below to be able to get contact information with each area.

Medicare Counseling Map

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