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Posted by Marissa Barnard on Sep 1, 2016

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I'm sure everyone has heard of Google. Okay I'm positive that everyone has heard of Google. Google is first a search engine and second a a review source. Google's reviews are a very influential source for business around the world. They help people decide to research a business further, to tour a said place, decide to eat at a certain restaurant and even hire a specific service. Google Reviews help the potential customer see how other were treat, served and help at these businesses. 


Why are we telling you this? Well Bel Aire Senior Living needs your help to obtain more Google Reviews. 

We understand Google reviews are sometimes hard to understand how to do, so we've made it easier and created a "How To" info-graphic. 

We would love it if you can take five minutes out of your day to help Bel Aire Senior Living grow!




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