Health Benefits for Elderly through Coloring

Posted by McKenna Burr on Mar 21, 2016

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Boredom is something that the elderly experience on a daily basis, whether they are still living at home or in an assisted living facility. When seniors are bored, it can cause difficulty in behaviors, depression or isolation. There has been an increase in popularity with adult coloring books for all older ages. The realistic and lovely pictures are subjects that will be interesting for the elderly. 


Coloring may sound like a very childish, simple activity but there are studies that show that coloring has many health benefits.  A research study found that adults 65 or older who engaged in creative activities had better overall health, made fewer visits to the doctor, used less medication, and had fewer health problems. It is an excellent mood booster and de-stresser for both the elderly and their caregivers. 

The following are benefits from using adult coloring books: 

    • Allows seniors to explore their artistic side. They will get to feel the joy from creating  beautiful artwork with little artistic skill necessary. There are different levels of books so you can find what pictures interests you and the level you are comfortable with. 
    • They will have something to be proud of and to show off to their families and friends. They will feel a sense of accomplishments with each page that they finish. 
    • Coloring not only evokes happy memories of childhood; the act can also foster a sense of well-being and offer a relaxing respite from our digital world. 
    • Ease you into a meditative state of mind that allows you to push away negative thoughts and worries.
    • Stress reduction is a top benefit for coloring. It helps with quieting your mind and not thinking about your stresses in life.
    • Rhythmic endeavors such as coloring, knitting, crocheting or quilting are particularly beneficial because they ease you into a meditative state of mind that allows you to push away negative thoughts and worries.
    • Exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus.
There are so many benefits that come from something as simple as coloring. It is a great activity to engage in and will help keep your mind occupied. These coloring books can be found at many stores and online websites. With Easter upon us, it is a good gift idea for an Easter basket. 


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