Holiday Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Posted by McKenna Burr on Dec 11, 2015

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Elderly

With Christmas being only 14 days away, it can be stressful thinking of the perfect present to get your grandma or grandpa. Below, we have listed some holiday gift ideas for them.

1. Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches These are great for taking up time and keeping their brains active. It can also be very satisfying to complete a brain puzzle. Consider getting large print puzzles so they are easier for them to see.

2. Magazine Subscriptions Everybody loves getting fun mail. Magazines are a great source of entertainment because there is plenty to read and look at in a magazine. National Geographic is a fun one because there are so many beautiful pictures of nature and animals to enjoy.

3. Bulletin Board with Photos Your loved ones will love looking at the old and new photos on their board. Old photos can bring back a lot of fun memories. New photos can help them remember what their family currently looks like, as well as new additions to the family such as newborn babies or pets.

4. Customized Calendars It is fun for them to see photos of their family members and friends each month while still keeping track of the date at the same time. Another option would be a calendar of their favorite animals or hand drawn creations from grandchildren.

5. Fresh Fruit or Fruit of the Month Club Subscriptions Fruit is a healthy alternative to candy that provide a lot of vitamins and anti oxidants. A holiday basket filled with their favorite fruits would be fun, or a monthly subscription keeps it coming all year long, giving them something to look forward to each month.

6. Winter Wear In the cold months it is hard for the elderly to stay warm indoors and out. A fun pair of gloves with a matching scarf and hat would help them stay warm outside while a soft bathrobe and slippers will help them stay warm while staying in.

7. Handmade Blanket or quilt Along with winter ware, this can help your loved ones stay warm and cozy all winter long. They are sure to love a thoughtful handmade gift, but if time does not permit such a project, a fun printed store bought blanket is still a wonderful option. Consider washing and drying it before gifting it so it smells and feel clean and fresh.

8. Handmade Holiday Cards Ask family members, friends, and grandchildren to craft a holiday card with glitter, ribbon or stickers with a written note inside. Your loved ones will be so excited to receive these and display during the holidays.

Remember your loved one this holiday season and treat them to a special gift. For more ideas, you can visit this website.

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