June Resident Review

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Jun 27, 2016

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It is always a pleasure to hear from our former residents! We always love to hear how we are doing and what we can do better to make Bel Aire Senior Living more like a home!


A review from one of our beloved resiedent's family:

I loved Bel Aire as soon as I walked in! It looked clean and smelled good! The secretary was happy and helpful and in a matter of a few seconds, I was having a personal tour. Someone helped with all paperwork. Someone took charge of mom's medicines. We even got to paint her room the favorite, calm color of blue that she liked. The chef was great, the activities person is wonderful. The "boss" was very accessible to any concern.But the CNA's are the ones that I really appreciated because they were the hands-on, face-to-face people who really daily cared for mom--and she wasn't always easy to get along with!I especially loved having the doctors and dentists come to her at Bel Aire. The best doctor mom ever had was the gal that came to Bel Aire and made all the correct diagnoses for mom and changed things exactly when it was needed.I respect all the people who work in health care and assisted living. It is angel's work to love and care for very old people. But I especially felt that the CNA's and staff that helped mom were the best.I would recommend Bel Aire to anyone who needs it. I often thought, "I'd like to be here and have these people take care of me!" Maybe someday they will...

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