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Posted by Marissa Barnard on Sep 13, 2016

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National Assisted Living Week

This year’s theme is Stay connected and what does that really mean? Well it can mean a lot actually. It can mean stay connected to the ones you love, or stay connected to the elderly in your community. Though these are all corrected what this year’s theme wants to promote staying connected to the elderly through technology. Yes technology. Most elderly residents don't know how to use email, facebook, and really any other technology based device. And this is where the connection between the younger generation and the elderly generation is being lost. The is an evident gap that continues to increase with each and every day. So the National Assisted Living week is all about, creating a much smaller gap.

How Bel AIre Senior Living is joining in is by introducing ways to stay connected online. This week our residents are sending e-cards to loved ones, joining in on online exercises, and reading books on ipads. These might be small steps, but we are moving in the right direction to lessen the gap and bring generation together in a whole new way.

So stay connected with your elderly loved ones and with the elderly community around you. Volunteer your time and your awesome online skills and help others learn and grow. Do your part To Stay Connected and shrink the gap between the younger generation and the elderly. We, the younger generation, will be in the position of the elderly, so treat others the way you would want to be treated.


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