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When elderly people start coming to the realization of needing assistance, they have a negative view on assisted living. They believe that their independence is getting stripped from them and that they will no longer be able to make choices for themselves. Well, we found an awesome article that compares assisted living with living on a cruise ship. It talks about the advantages of assisted living and how it is not a negative thing in someones life.


While living on a cruise ship or in an assisted living facility, you are able to keep yourself as busy as you would like with all of the activities offered. If you do not want to stay busy, then you can lay back and enjoy the solitude when it suits you. The social life of an assisted living is great because you are surrounded by people around your same age with similar hobbies and life experiences. You have different activities such as bingo, outside walks, knitting groups and morning exercises to entertain you. You are given a constant source of friendship through assisted living whether it be with the other residents or the loving staff.


One positive advantage of assisted living is less housework. You will not have to worry about housework, cooking meals, grocery shopping, or doing laundry, it is all done for you! Keeping up with the maintenance of a house becomes difficult for seniors when they become older and less active. It is hard to maintain a clean house due to their disability, eyesight, risk of falling and lack of energy. At an assisted living facility, that is all taken care of for you, you just get to enjoy your time.


In-house medical care is easily available for you at any time while at an assisted living facility. The partnership between the nurse, physician forms and resident is very crucial relationship that will benefit the residents health. The nurse who will assist you on a daily basis will also help you in medication management, coordinating doctors visits, outpatient services and other needs for the residents. With the stress taken off of the senior to plan everything, they will be able to enjoy their time here stress free.


You will not have the responsibility of making meals for yourself. You will be completely catered to with your food options. Three meals daily will be prepared with different options for each meal. A dietitian will work with the head cook to make sure all dietary needs are being met with each meal. They will make special dietary considerations for each individual resident with heart problems or diabetes. Some assisted living homes offer a hydration program for the residents to make sure they are continually being hydrated. By staying hydrated, it can postpone dementia, avoid UTI's and make the seniors feel better.


One of the most important advantages for assisted living that applies to the resident and the residents family is that they can restore their family roles. If a spouse is taking care of their loved one then they are not only playing the roles of spouse but also take on the roles of nurse, housekeeper, chef and many others. Once those roles are filled by the staff, they can just focus on spending time with their loved one and enjoy that time just those two. For a son/daughter who has taken on the role as caregiver for their parents, they are not fully filling the role as mom or dad to their own kids. Once they know that their parents are safely in a home they can focus on their own family without stress.


Assisted living is in place to assist seniors, not to take away their lives. There are many things in place to make living there a happy, joyous time in their lives. At Bel Aire Senior Living, we do our very best to make each day great for all of our residents. We love learning about each residents life and hope to make their time on the "cruise ship" as enjoyable as we can.

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