The long term benefits of using TENS units

Posted by Kristina Law on Sep 16, 2015

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thelongtermbenefitsof0ausingtensunits-defaultTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit, abbreviated as TENS unit could be defined as a non-invasive block which can reduce different kinds of body pain. By this process, mild electric signals are sent to the problem areas which eventually reduce the pain to a good extent.

In the last few years, TENS treatment has got its share of fame, due to the assured results it provide to the patients. In order to make use of this treatment, one needs to use small patches of electrodes. The small patches of electrodes deliver electric signals to the pain area. The treatment is quite simple and the TENS unit is way too portable to be carried along. The kind of electrical stimulation one receives using TENS unit, it is possible to improve blood circulation with this treatment.

TENS are widely used across the globe to heal patients who suffer from painful body conditions.

The benefits of using TENS are many and thereby doctors recommend using TENS quite often. One can use this treatment whenever needed, although many doctors prescribe not using this treatment for a prolonged period of time at a stretch.

Where TENS can be used?

The long term benefits of using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment can relief patients suffering from back pain caused by disc problems or spine degeneration. Again, patients suffering from cancer or who are undergoing cancer treatment often complaint about body ache to a great extent and for them TENS can be really helpful. Doctors and medical experts use this treatment for Phantom-limb pain, migraine as well. Patients with sore muscles due to weight training can also use this treatment. After critical operations such as joint replacement, abdominal surgeries and deliveries patients are given TENS treatment to help them combat the pain post surgery, besides medication. Medical researchers have confirmed that regular use of

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment can improve sleep pattern in people, suffering from insomnia.

Long term benefits of TENS

Usually, medications can be given to patients to heal body pains. But due to the side effects of painkillers, it is better to avoid such drugs for fragile patients. Initially the painkillers would reduce the pain, but in the long term it would only harm the patients with some other health issues. Therefore, doctors have partially stopped prescribing painkillers to patients, if it is not mandatory. Many research has also concluded that continuous use of TENS treatment release endorphins in blood, which is responsible for making people happy.

Using the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit is simple and easy. However, until and unless you are completely sure about using it, it is better to avoid using it on your own. Initially as you purchase the machine, ask a professional medical expert to assist you in the process. Before placing the electrodes patches, they are coated with a special gel, which ensures that the electric signals reach your nerves underneath the skin quite easily. Continue the treatment at a stretch for about 15 minutes and the rest for a while before repeating the process. TENS has no side effects and therefore the treatment is completely safe.