Memory Support Calendar - March 2014

Posted by Kristina Law on Mar 7, 2014

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Becky - who is our activities director in our memory/Alzheimer's support wing - is excited about a couple of activities that will be coming up this month. This is what she said when I talked to her this morning:

"I am so excited Spring is coming this month. Since we have an enclosed patio area outside we are starting plants inside right now and we will be transferring them outside once it is warmer. We will also plant some of the beautiful spring flowers to bring the beauty closer to our view. Since Saint Patrick's day is just around the corner, we will be be decorating sugar cookies with green frosting and other green candy for fun. We are also planning to put together a doll show later this month. We have three residents that love to collect dolls and they will be sharing some of their collection dolls with us. But I will bring some antique dolls and some cute dolls to make more interesting for everyone. All in all this month will be yet another busy and fun time to create memories."