Olympics - A Time Travel Story

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Aug 12, 2016

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Let me tell you a story....

As the gate keep a.k.a., the receptionist at the front, I see and hear all that goes on here at Bel Aire Senior Living. I am not complaining though it is a blessing, I have learn oh so much not just about the present residents, but about past wars, past Olympics, past presidents the list goes on forever. Each day is an adventure into another time. I feel Senior Living Homes are time machine.


Talking with seniors can at times be difficult due to memory loss or rather just so many memories it takes them time to sift through all of them. So patients and timing is everything. One thing that amazes me is the memory and how certain things can trigger memories. For insistence:


Since the Olympics have started Bel Aire Senior Living has changed. It is almost as if all the residents have become Olympians. Every morning as I walk into Bel Aire Senior Living and make my rounds to say hello to all the resident, each one will tell me of the previous night's winnings. Our residents are particularly fascinated with the 15 year old gold medal winning swimmer, Katie Ledecky. Our residents are at awe at how much hard work, dedication and resilience Katie Ledecky has. The best part, beside their excitement, is the stories that follow.


They all tell stories of past Olympics they have watched where they were, what they were doing.They tell of how they conquered the swimming pool, the football field, or the baseball field in their day comparing themselves to current Olympians saying, “Back in my day…” The Olympics have brought out different sides of each residents and has shown me just how much history and life resides within the walls of Bel Aire Senior Living. To be able to travel back in time with each resident and see through their eyes how the Olympics or baseball were, is a gift I am so grateful for.

Bel Aire Senior Living is an amazing  place come see for yourself! Fill out the free consultation and we will contact you to set up a time to come in and tour our home!

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