Places to Travel on a Budget

Posted by Ciara Moosman on Jan 31, 2015

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Below are some hot spots for tourists who dislike coming home from vacation with an empty wallet.

The worst part about traveling? For me it's definitely the price to get around. I have been blessed with being able to travel quite a bit in my life and every time I start planning another adventure, money is always one of, if not the biggest, factors. If I would have found this article sooner, I would have saved big money! No regrets on my part though, just more opportunities and options for future trips. The article I found on lists the top 10 places to visit on a college budget. I'm currently not a college student, but I am living off a similar budget. Whether you're in the same boat, or you are better off, everyone loves a good bargain!

Let's get this countdown started, shall we?

First on the list is....


BOLIVIA- Home to many activities and tourist sites, this country will have you living like royalty for less than you would think. You can get a nice place to stay, food, transportation, and even alcohol for less than 20 USD per day.


THAILAND- Thailand has been trying to revamp its tourism as of late and many tourism companies have been offering excellent deals. If hostels aren’t your thing, you can get a private room with a bathroom for less than 30 USD per night. I, personally, have never tried a hostel, but for 30 USD for my own space, I would prefer that!


GREECE- With the state of the economic condition in Greece, prices are low and the tourism will help bring in some more much-needed money. The country is mind-numbingly beautiful and features amazing coasts and architecture. It's one of those places where you don't have to know ahead of time your daily schedule; you could walk outside of your hotel, roam the streets, and see the most breathtaking sites and architecture. This is one of the best locations in all of Europe for cheap travel.

I served my mission in France so I'm naturally in love with Europe. Greece is now on my bucket list.

SPAIN- Spain is having similar issues to Greece and could use the extra money from tourism. The country has a lot to offer, as well, with awesome food, a rich history displayed through museums and architecture and great scenic sites like the Picos de Europa mountain ranges. My great-grandparents are from Spain and I would love to visit and experience the culture first-hand.

COSTA RICA- At a few hundred dollars, Costa Rica has one of the cheapest airfare costs when traveling from the United States, and the prices within the country aren’t bad, either. The Costa Rican Colón has fallen lower than the USD recently, making it an even better deal. Besides it being less expensive, the whole country is absolutely breathtaking.


VIETNAM- You can travel in Vietnam for less than 20 USD per day and may even struggle to spend that much! The country’s dollar, known as the Dong, is at a ratio of 1 USD to 21,190 Dongs. Even with the rise in tourism in recent years, the country still remains very cheap and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.


ROMANIA- Eastern Europe is very cheap right now. You can get a hostel for less than 10 USD per night and will only have to spend a few dollars per meal...sounds good to me! The prices in Romania have risen as of late, but you can still find great deals and even better street food. I'm a big advocate of street food; always have been. I don't know much about Romania, but I typed it into Google and was floored by it's beauty.


SRI LANKA- The small country in the northern Indian Ocean is home to botanical gardens, temples, and tea, making Sri Lanka a real steal. This is the most expensive country on the list, but you still only have to budget 60 USD per day and you will easily be able to afford all the basics that you need while traveling. I have had some friends who have visited Sri Lanka and they only had good things to say about it.


NEPAL- A tropical country with great food and a rich history, Nepal is paradise for backpackers. I've never tried backpacking, but if I ever get the urge I now know where to go. It’s the perfect escape from the craziness of your day-to-day lifestyle, as you relax in the countryside. You shouldn’t expect to pay more than 20 or 25 USD a day.


And last, but not least...


ARGENTINA- Whether you want to relax or party, you will find both here. Buenos Aires is well known for its vibrant nightlife or you can visit Iguazu Falls for a relaxing hike. You can stay in hostels, bus around and eat for not much money at all. Like Sri Lanka, I've only heard positive things about this beautiful South American country from friends.


So there you have it. Next time you have the desire to get out of the country for a nice little getaway, check back with this list for a vacation you'll never forget and for a minimal hit to the bank account.