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Posted by McKenna Burr on Aug 11, 2015

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Bel Aire Senior Living was able to host the Professionals for Seniors brunch for the month of July. Professionals for Seniors is held once a month at different facilities around Utah County for the Administrators, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Directors of Marketing, and other representatives that are in the Senior Living Industry.

Professionals for Seniors is as an opportunity to educate people on updates that are happening throughout the industry. Bel Aire Senior Living decided to focus our attention on a Medicaid program called New Choices Waiver and the impact it is having on families. We have one specific family at Bel Aire that has been impacted from this so we decided to share their story.

David James slipped on ice five years ago and suffered a severe head injury which later forced him to retire from his teaching career at Pleasant Grove Jr. High. Within three years after his fall, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Early onset of Alzheimer’s disease at age 53.

With the rapid progression of these debilitating conditions, his wife Sue was also left to provide for her six children from ages nine to 21.

“The hardest part for all of this was that the dream of “growing old together” and watching their children grow up was lost.” Sue says.

Last year, Sue moved David into Bel Aire Senior Living to assist with his care. She was hoping to qualify for the New Choices Waiver (Medicaid) program designed to help someone in her situation. Slated to apply within six months, Sue thought she could afford David’s private care costs until the application would be approved.

In January 2015, it was announced that access to the program for new applicants would shut down until July 2015. Then, as more information about the changes appeared, Sue realized that she now could not apply until November of 2015, which would total of 14 months of private pay.

A six month wait, now turned into over a year of trying to survive financially.

To add to Sue’s financial stress, she was recently diagnosed with a tumor (meningioma) in her right eye and would not be able to work while undergoing radiation treatments.

Bel Aire Senior Living employees wanted to do something to help this wonderful, loving family so they set-up a fund through for David’s care needs. This was such a special brunch for the employees at Bel Aire Senior Living because we care so much for Sue and her family. It was nice to be able to share her story with other workers in our industry so they can see first hand struggles that people are facing. It was a very special day and we are happy to have hosted the Professionals for Seniors.

Your donation can help alleviate Sue’s hardship while carrying for her family and covering care expenses for Dave until he will be applying for financial assistance in November 2015.

If interested in reading the full story or making a donation, Click here.


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