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Posted by Marissa Barnard on Feb 23, 2016

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We recieved another heartfelt review from a loving resident's family.

We love our residents and their families!


Dear Bel Aire Senior Living,


Thank you so much for providing a private lunch for my mom’s family on Sunday January 31. We enjoyed our time together and the table was set nicely and the food was very good. We were served in a timely way and appreciated the concern for our comfort.

Several family members visited my mom for the first time since she moved in to Bel Aire Senior Living. They were impressed with everything about the facility. One brother from Florida who has visited quite a number of assisted living facilities in the Florida area, said Bel Aire Senior Living was the cleanest one he has ever seen.

Thanks again for everything during our visit with my mother last week. Especially thanks to the kitchen staff for making our lunch a pleasant experience.



L. Peterson  


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