How can you save money with Bel Aire Senior Living?

Posted by Kristina Law on Feb 2, 2015

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Hi, I’m Steve Sabins, owner of the Bel Aire assisted living facilities in Utah. We’ve been in the business since 1998 when we built our first facility in Orem, UT and then in 2003 we purchased our next facility in American Fork, and in 2008 expanded that building.

We’re a family owned business, so all decisions are made here locally. We have a competitive pricing structure as well because we’ve been in business for many years and don’t have to charge exorbitant modern-day prices or have exorbitant increases every year.

We also have an all-inclusive pricing structure because our seniors are on a fixed income most of the time and they expect about the same amount month to month so we felt that it was important that our price was all-inclusive and not à la carte like many do today. So for the price you pay we offer a variety of services and a loving, caring environment here.

We, as staff, feel that we are the hosts and the infrastructure for these residents so that they can maintain their independence as best as possible with the choices that they can make every day for themselves in a loving, caring environment that is Bel Aire.

If you have any questions or are seeking advice, please contact Utah Senior Planning for help.

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