Senior Activities During the Holidays

Posted by Emma Shurtz on Dec 5, 2016

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The Holidays can be hard for seniors especially if they live alone/in an Assisted Living Center because they don’t have family around all the time. So the first thing any senior wants is a visitor someone who will come and spend time and talk with them. If you have time to spare you can play plenty of games and even invite them to come to parties or family gatherings.



Some Fun activities to do with Seniors may include 

  • Making Food: Such as Pie, stuffing, and an assorted amount of treats.
  • Decorating a Christmas Tree: This can be a perfect opportunity to get to know your family members better and to have a lot of fun spending time with the family
  • Make a Snowman (Craft):This beats building a snowman outside because it can get too cold for your family member and it doesn't take that much energy. And everyone can have fun doing this.
  • Nativity: This a good way to get the whole family involved including the children.
  • Gingerbread House Making/Decorating: This activity is a great way for you and your friend/family member show their creative side. And it also can open up ways for you to get to know them better.

These activities are perfect for any senior. They are inside where they are sheltered from the snow so they can keep nice and warm.Also it is with the people they love and want to spend time with. These few simple activities will help grow your family closer together. And help you feel the true Christmas Spirit.