Spring Fashion and Flowers

Posted by Kristina Law on Feb 24, 2014

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Spring 2014 Trends Straight from the Runways: Pretty Pastels

A rainbow of soft springtime shades reigned throughout the collections. The best thing about the pastel trend? You can pick your most-flattering color and wear it with whatever silhouette flatters (and excites) you. From a minty-green board-shorts suit to a CEO lilac dress to sporty baby blue bombers, the sky's the limit on how pastel-happy you want to get.

Spring Flowers:

Spring flowers come along and cheer us up at a time when we most need it -- after we've somehow survived another long winter. Speaking for myself, it wouldn't be going too far to say that they help me convalesce as I recuperate from winter's months-long blustery barrage.

So I thought that it would be so fun to combine those to into one post for a boost of Spring Inspiration.

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