Posted by McKenna Burr on Apr 20, 2015

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Spring Time at Bel Aire!

With April being the National Gardening month, we at Bel Aire Senior Living have been loving all the new flowers blooming. It is important to take advantage of the nice weather while we have it and get outside. This article by agingcare.com talks about the benefits of getting outside and fun activities to do as a caregiver with your elderly loved ones.

Benefits of Getting Outside

In the article, it talks about the importance of getting outside for seniors even if they are experiencing mobility issues. A main advantage of being outdoors, even for a short period of time, "is being able to soak up the sunlight, which generates Vitamin D – necessary for the brain, bones and muscle function" says Dr. Michael Raab, a geriatrician with Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Fla.

Some Doctors even require going outside and soaking up the sunlight because research has shown an increase in cognitive function for the elderly. Besides the physical benefits of getting fresh air, there are also social benefits for seniors. By going outside, they are able to interact with family members, children, and other people. It is refreshing to them to be able to see new things and will brighten their spirits.

Some fun outdoor activities that you can bring your loved one to include going outside on a walk, have a bird feeder to go watch the birds eat, and go hang out at a park. While you are at the park, you can do fun things such as, flying a kite or having a picnic. It is important to do activities that your elderly person has an interest in and that they enjoy doing it. Being outside will brighten your day and your loved ones day no matter what activity you are doing together.

We at Bel Aire love the Spring time and can't wait for all the fun activities outside with our residents to help brighten their spirits each day!


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