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Posted by Kristina Law on Aug 14, 2014

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MedicareThis table is intended to help you understand the financial options available to make your senior care in UT county more affordable.

To give you the expert guidance and assurance of the positive outcome when it comes to applying for financial aid programs as well as preservation of your family’s assets, we partnered with Utah Senior Planning.

There are many misconceptions surrounding Medicaid assistance and V.A. Aid and Attendance Pension is available to help veterans and their spouses for those in long-term care. One of the most common myths about Medicaid is that you have to spend down all of your assets before you can be eligible for Medicaid assistance. Utah Senior Planning specialists can address such misconceptions. They have the experience and expertise to answer all of your questions related to long-term nursing home care.

At Bel Aire Senior Living, we accept the Medicaid program “New Choices Waiver”.



State and Government Financial Assistance Programs



Medicare(Does not pay for assisted living facilities) This program is a form of health insurance offered by the United States Government to people 65 years of age or older, younger people with specific disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease, permanent Kidney Failure requiring dialysis or a transplant. This program does help pay for Home Health and Hospice services, should a resident require services, but nothing relating directly to assisted living service or room and board.
Medicaid(New Choices Program)(Does pay for a portion of assisted living cost) This is a Federal-State entitlement program for low income citizens of the United States. It covers basic health care and long term care services for eligible persons. It covers hospital and other acute care services. This program is designed to allow low income individuals to choose the type of facility they reside in while receiving the services they require. Individuals are required to reside in a skilled nursing facility for 90-day evaluation period before they can be approved for the New Choices Waiver.
Veteran Benefits(Department of Veterans Affairs)(Does pay for a portion of assisted living cost) This program is one that will pay individuals (veterans) a sum of money each month to assist them and/or their spouse to pay for care required in a facility such as ours. This program does not always pay the entire monthly amount required for the care in a facility, but will pay a portion of the amount to those who qualify. (The spouse of the veteran may also qualify for this benefit, not just the veteran.)

If you have any questions or are seeking helpful advice, please contact Utah Senior Planning. They will be able to help you find out certain qualifications to assist you with Assisted Living costs.

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