Thank you Bel Aire

Posted by Kristina Law on Jan 31, 2014

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Specifically I offer appreciation and kudos:

To Steve, who worked with me so that dad could stay close by my home.

To Jennifer, who suggested it was time to move dad to memory lane and listened with a professional demeanor to my concerns about his care. To Teresa, whose pleasant proficiency adds oil to the clogs of the wheel.

To staff who cooked and cleaned and repaired to keep the residents comfortable and safe and Bill, who kept dad's television working.

To head cook Chris, who made sure that Dad had nutritious food that he enjoyed, particularly the rich , peachy smoothies. You go extra mile literally pushing residents in wheelchairs to their rooms after meals. I've overheard residents on both sides commenting on the tasty meals you and staff prepare. 

To activities director Becky, whose love and concern for the residents of Memory Lane is evident in all your effort, words, and actions. One can see that you truly enjoy the work as you engage the minds and hearts of residents, forming a personal bond with each person. You share your family and your heart with them.

To CNAs Chris and Billy, who used not just strength but finesse and respect when called upon to move dad and work with him. You quickly answered the calls to help even when your assignments for the day were elsewhere.

To Skyler, who made dad smile with your humor and could easily coax dad into doing what was needed. Your friendly smile and caring manner earned the moniker "Big Red" from dad. I appreciate the personal telephone call to pay your respects.

To Berta, whose gentle techniques and expert knowledge make you an A+ caregiver. Your experience shows. I witnessed you move dad by yourself even after he was wheelchair bound. You are one strong woman in so many ways.

To Eddie, who knows her business and is a cheerful professional. I missed your not being in the Memory Lane unit as often as you once were.

To Mackenzie., who treats the residents like grandparents, even using the term "Grandma" to soothe Rose. You naturally understand how to win over these folks and to inspire calm when their days are confused or upsetting.

To Makenzie., and others, who loved to dress up Cula and take her to special events. She loved the attention, and I loved seeing you happily guiding the excursions.

To Michelle and Kayla., who consistently show respect for every patient by your patience, kind treatment, and capable service. You are noteworthy examples of how to make a positive difference in everyday quiet ways.

To Bethany, Nicky and Jana, whose trustworthy, gentle, competent care of Dad and all the residents put my mind at ease. I was always glad to see you on duty.

To Paris, who while off duty offered to help me get dad to the emergency room when he fell and split his forehead open on a weekend. You made that medical emergency much easier to handle. Special Thanks fro your extra-mile service.

To each of you who called me when I could assist with dad's care. You helped me to be an involved and supportive daughter.

To those who listened to dad's stories. Some of you enjoyed them multiple times.

To those who shared your stories with me and allowed me to share your joys, goals and challenges.

To those good caregivers whose good deeds I have not remembered or seen.

To those who have moved on to other opportunities, like Adam, Kate, Cala, Landon, Jada, Berk and others whose names I have forgotten.

I wish each of you find personal satisfaction in knowing that your positive service makes a great difference in the daily loives of your charges and in the lives of their families. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you. 

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