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Posted by Marissa Barnard on Jun 2, 2016

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Andrea our Activities Coordinator, in our Memory Care unit, has specifically worked in Dementia care and behavioral units for the past 10 years. She enjoys sensory stimulation, memory recall, music and physical activities. She puts hard work and time into each activity that she does with each resident. She not only helps the residents stay active, but she helps them stay healthy.

One activity which has gained many followers is Reminiscent Therapy.

Reminiscent Therapy goes a little something like this:

Andrea brings in, for example, baseball cards, a baseball, and a baseball mit.

They all sit around the table and talk about baseball.. Andrea asks them questions like:


Who is your favorite player?

Who is your favorite team?

Have you ever been to a baseball game?

Can you name a few famous baseball player?


Each question gets the residents engaged and curious about the day’s activities.

Asking question to the residents helps to activate their mind and in turn helps their health all around.


Andrea has found sitting and talking with each other is one of the resident’s favorite activities. They could talk about their past for hours. It has helped many if not all of our residents come out of their shells and become more relaxed in their new home.


Everyone, even the staff, enjoys this time with the residents, because we get to know more about the residents. We don't just learn about baseball we learn about childhood stories, where they grew up, and really who they were before they came to live with us. Which is what we love best! This helps us to better understand them and help them to thrive here at Bel Aire Senior Living.


Andrea works with each resident to know what therapy works best for them be it art therapy, doll therapy, or pet therapy. She want each resident to grow and be happy when they come to live with us. She has many therapies and activities which your loved one can choose from. Click here to find out more about them!!

Or if you want to experience an activity for yourself you are more then welcome to schedule a free consultation and come see what we are up to. 

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