Therapy Thursday at Bel Aire Senior Living

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Jun 16, 2016

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Therapy at Bel Aire Senior Living

One of my all time favorite therapies that we have a Bel Aire Senior Living is Pet Therapy!

Usually on Friday we have Zeek, our therapy dog, come in and walk around visiting with the residents. Zeek is very patient and sits and lets our residents pet him for a couple minutes to an hour or so if needed. You can see the difference in our residents when Zeek comes around, especially on our memory care side.On our Memory Care side our residents smile and talk, who normally don’t.  

Some other benefits that we have notice and that are proven from pet therapy are:

  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Calms our residents and provides a non-stressful environment
  3. Lowers anxiety
  4. Increases joint movement
  5. Motivates our residents to move and stretch more, farther and for longer amounts of time
  6. Gives our residents something to look forward to
  7. Comforts those who need comforting
  8. Helps those who isolate themselves to socialize more
  9. Improves the confidence of our residents
  10. Helps those in recovery want to get better and recover faster

At Bel Aire Senior Living we try to come up with new ideas on how to help our residents and how to improve their overall health. We don't want them to get stuck doing the same things everyday. We currently have 10 types of therapy here and everyday we try discover more.


A new one we have implemented here at Bel Aire Senior Living is inter-generational therapy. It is where we have children come in for 20 or so minutes, usually families of residents here, and interact with our residents. They color or play catch, really whatever our residents and children feel like doing that day. This helps the residents socialize with younger people, get up and move, and overall just have fun and be happy. Many grandparents find joy in their grand kids and since many resident here are grandparents that don't usually get to see their kiddos we have them “adopt” grand kids for 20 or so minutes.

Come see for yourself what other therapies we have by scheduling a free consultation and taking a tour at Bel AIre Senior Living. 

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                 Or maybe you would like to just look at the list of other therapies we have? Click here and see for yourself.