Tips To Keep Away From Ugly Callus

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Mar 15, 2016

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  Tips To Keep Away From Ugly Callus

Calluses are mainly observed on the feet and hand due to the dry skin or when excessive friction is caused on a particular part of your skin. These calluses may lead to a high discomfort or irritation. In other words, they can be very annoying to you.

Change the footwear that you use daily- One of the major reasons for the appearance of callus on skin is that you are wearing wrong design of shoe that is not suitable for you. If the shoes fit your feet poorly, the callus is more expected to be developed. Thus, choose the shoes that obviously suit your feet. The size of the shoes must be comfortable but not harm your feet. Besides, keep away from very heels of your shoes, if possible. The heels have to put your body mass on the feet’s balls. Thus, it is better to put on flat shoes all the time; they are more comfortable also. When the callus is seen on your hand, you can wear padded gloves that can comfortably fit your hand. It can lessen and diminish the issue of the growth of callus. Moreover, ensure that your gloves fit properly. The gloves that are very loose will not give the desired result in your callus removal treatment. Rather, they may irritate the skin through continuous friction that is produced.

Pad the shoes- Corns, bunions or calluses are not any unusual problem; so, there are many shoe companies that have made shoe liners in order to remove all calluses. Besides, if you have issues of corns, you can apply pads that have the shape like doughnut. These are able to fit over your corn, reducing the stress, abrasion and rubbing. They are inexpensive and can be found at many drug shops.

Keep the feet completely dry- Remember that socks may be very essential in making your feet free of callus healthy. Socks of cotton or natural fiber may be the best option to keep the feet dry. It is particularly significant while you are carrying any kind of physical work, when you may sweat extremely.

Look for some good quality medicated solutions- You do not always need to visit any physician in order to get the drugs to lessen the problem. It is because the plasters, pads and some other medicines may be available at any time quite easily. But, many of them have salicylic acid that is added as the main ingredient. However, it may cause the infection or irritation, which may be a bit irritating in some conditions like-
  • If you are the patient of diabetes
  • When you have low sensation in the feet, due to circulation issues or due to neurological disorder
  •  If you have very weak vision
Thus, in all these conditions, it is better to avoid the meditations like salicylic acid for callus removal treatment. Otherwise, these meditations can give better results as they have been designed in a very sophisticated way. You can buy gels or devices for removing severe issues of callus.

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