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Posted by McKenna Burr on Feb 22, 2016

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 There are many resources available for the elderly and those caring for the elderly, which can be intimidating when looking for information. When you are caring for a loved one, there are many life-altering decisions that have to be made. Below we listed some helpful blogs that can help answer questions and make your decisions easier. If you are taking care of a loved one who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, trying to figure out the next step or just want to get educated, then these blogs will help you. It is important to be educated and these blogs will help you feel confident in the care you are giving and the decisions you are making for either yourself or your loved one.

If you are interested in reading further, click on the title of the blog to connect you to the website. 

1. Bel Aire Senior Living blog has a wide variety of articles that cover any financial questions that you may have or to answer the questions of what Assisted Living is. We like to keep our information current and informative for any readers. We also like to make it personalized to our facility and current residents/families. We are located in American Fork, Utah and another facility in Orem, Utah. They offer different E-books that you can download, which can help educate you and you can refer back to it as a helpful resource.

2. Inside Elder Care's blog is a separated into three different sections; Aging in place, Assisted Living and Caregiving. Depending on where you are at in your life, you will be able to find what you are looking for. This blog will help families get the most from their elder care experience. They cover topics like Alzheimer's Care, assisted living and skilled nursing so there is plenty of useful information. The goal of this blog is to educate and inspire you to make your elder care experience a positive one for you and your family.

3. Better Health- Smart Health Commentary is full of hundreds of articles related to health and the elderly. They mix their material up with articles, cartoons, book reviews and interviews to keep you interested. This is beneficial because it includes so many health tips for all ages and is very informative. 

4. Elder Helpers Blog is an quick-read blog with a wide range of categories. This blog can help you at any age of the elderly care process. They break down the information simple so you can gain a lot from it quickly. Elders Helpers Blog's main goal is to bring generations together. They want to help the elderly and their loved ones work together to find the best plan for their care while building life-long memories together. 

5. The Sunrise Blog have a way of sharing information in a fun, stress-free way. They share some of their top favorite recipes, inspiring personal stories and general information. If you are on the hunt for a tasty, nutritional recipe then this blog will likely have something that will fill your cravings. This blog is a fun way to learn and is packed full of hundreds of articles with endless topics. 

6. Retirement by Jeff- Retire your Way will help you with any financial questions. He has tips for retirement, handling a bad annuity, maximizing your social security benefits, investing tips. If you have any questions related to retirement or finances, they will help answer your questions within 24 hours. Having such quick access to help is very useful when trying to figure out a financial situation when needing more care for someone.

7. Memory Care Living Blog is a memory care facility that shares their experiences of taking care of the elderly who are caring for those affected by Alzheimer's or Dementia. Their approach is to focus on the individuality and independence of our Elders, which allows Elders to retain their dignity. Their articles are based on those with memory issues so if you have loved one battling those, then this is a good blog for you! 

8. Transition Aging Parents is here to help coach you with the process of caring for your elderly parents. Whether you are new to the issues of aging parents and care giving, or someone who has been struggling for some time, you can learn about a wonderful new framework, ADAPT, a process to use in time of crisis and change as well as strategies for strengthening family and personal relationships. This is a helpful blog by someone who has personally experienced caring for her mother and dealing with her health issues. This is a great relateable blog by someone who is very passionate about this topic. 

9. Our Parents: Caring Guidance for Senior Living is here to help you throughout the process of finding nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in-home care for your loved one. You are able to talk to a care advisor that will assist you in the process of finding a place for your loved one where they will receive the care that they deserve. They also focus mainly on the elderly and what we can do as care givers to make their quality of life increase. 

These are all such great resources for you depending on the current situation you are in. Its important to always stay educated on what options are out there for you. Caring for your loved one can be emotionally, physically and mentally draining, so seeing what options are there for you can be a relief. If you have any more questions regarding Assisted Living, our E-book is available below to download. 

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