Keep Track of Your Loved One's Cognitive Performance

Posted by Kristina Law on Dec 18, 2013

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As you may or may not know that Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, UT is among very few senior living facilities in UT that use Dakim BrainFitness program to improve cognitive performance our our residents. The Dakim company received numerous requests for a report that would give users of clinically proven Dakim BrainFitness a sense of how they’re doing on the Dakim program.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Dakim BrainTrac™, a new tool that monitors the performance of your residents on the Dakim BrainFitness system over time.

Dakim BrainTrac is a useful quick-look, top-level indicator of user performance by cognitive domain, on the Dakim BrainFitness exercises. However, it is not intended to be a definitive measurement of cognition, nor does it replace an objective cognitive assessment test. It should only be used as an indicator to show directional changes in performance on Dakim.

The data reported in Dakim BrainTrac is strictly confidential, and is the exclusive property of the individual user. It may not be accessed by anyone without the user’s permission.

How It Works

When a player starts using Dakim BrainFitness for the first time Dakim BrainTrac establishes a baseline of user perfomance. As it may take up to three sessions for Dakim's patented NuroLogic™ Technology to fully adjust the level of challenge, BrainTrac averages the scores for sessions 4-6 to establish the baseline in each of six essential cognitive domains (short- and long-term memory, language, computation, visuospatial and critical thinking).

The Big Picture
Maintaining mental acuity is a major issue for our aging population in general, and in particular, for senior living providers, area agencies on aging, adult day care centers, skilled nursing facilities and veterans hospitals, responsible for the wellness and quality of life of the seniors in their care. Dakim BrainFitness does what until now was impossible or unaffordable—provide each resident with a clinically proven, comprehensive brain training program, tailored to their individual needs and abilities.