Utah Medicaid can help Assisted Living Cost

Posted by Kristina Law on Jul 30, 2014

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Utah Medicaid

Utah Medicaid and Assisted Living

Are you are faced with the difficult decision of placing an elderly parent, spouse or family member into an assisted living residence? This can be an emotional and difficult decision. As you’ve considered the realities of this new situation, you may have also begun to imagine yourself trying to think about how to pay for that loved one’s long-term care.

Without proper planning, long-term care expenses can quickly consume savings that took a lifetime to build up. Among the options available to you are:

  • Paying from your life’s savings or your family’s life savings
  • Paying from a long term care insurance policy
  • Applying for Medicaid

Utah Medicaid is the federal Medicaid program administered by the state of Utah that pays for long-term care. Keep in mind that you must first meet income and asset requirements.

Your goal might be to qualify for Utah Medicaid while keeping as many of your assets as possible to help provide for the spouse living at home, or to pass on to the family. Unfortunately too many families try to qualify their elderly parent for Utah Medicaid AFTER they’ve already wasted a lot of their parent’s life savings paying for long-term care. Some may have sold the family home because they thought they had to in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance. In many cases, This simply is not true!

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To give you the expert guidance and assurance of the positive outcome when it comes to applying for financial aid programs as well as preservation of your family’s assets, we partnered with Utah Senior Planning.

There are many misconceptions surrounding Medicaid assistance for those in long-term care. One of the most common myths about Medicaid is that you have to spend down all of your assets before you can be eligible for Medicaid assistance. Utah Senior Planning specialists can address such misconceptions. They have the experience and expertise to answer all of your questions related to long-term nursing home care.

At Bel Aire Senior Living, we accept the Medicaid program “New Choices Waiver”

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