What is Assisted Living?

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Feb 12, 2016

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What Is Assisted Living?

When looking up "Assisted Living" one might find a definition like: Housing for elderly people which provides nursing care, meal plans, and housekeeping. While this is true, the staff and residents here at Bel Aire Senior Living like to define it as: A second home for your loved ones who cannot care for themselves anymore. A place which provides round the clock medication management, home style meals tailored to each residents needs, and many more activities and services to help your loved ones feel at home.


 When deciding to move your loved one into a senior care facility such as Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, UT, one might have some assisted living questions:

How much does it cost?

What services are provided?

My loved one has food allergies, can they work around it?

What activities are there for the residents?

What do the rooms look like?

Among many more questions.

Asissted living is sometimes thought as a place much like a nursing home, but in fact there are many differences. While nursing homes have the similar medical staffing, the living situations are different.

In assisted living homes, residents are  categorized based on the level of care they require.

LEVEL I: Level I is for the most part independent and require little to no help with daily tasks.

LEVEL II: Residents in a level II assisted living community can receive assistance with all of their Activities of Daily Living.  Type II communities can care for individuals who are sufficiently mobile to exit the facility with the limited assistance of one person.

LEVEL III: Alzheimer's or residents diagnosed with severe dementia have special needs that are addressed in a secure memory care wing environment with more staff on hand. There they are given an enviroment that will protect and help improve their quality of life.

Assisted living centers offer private rooms or 1-2 apparmtments, more privacy, more activities, outings (like fieldtrips to movies or a local store to do some shopping)and services that help the residents mingle with each other. 

What we provide at Bel Aire Senior Living:

24/7 CNA Assistance

Dakim Brain Fitness Program

Custom Interior Design

Medication Management

Hydration Program

Parties/Social outings

Home Style Meals

Alzheimer's Care

Assistance with ADL

Family History Corner

Laundry Service



LDS Branch Services

Support Group

Music Programs

Bus Rides



Free Internet 

Third Party Providers at Bel Aire Senior Living

Phone Services


Time To Smile Dental

Home Health & Hospice

Utah Senior Planning

Beauty Salon

Brett Wilde Real Estate Team


To learn more about what each service entails follow this link: http://belairecare.com/services/

Assisted living facilites are here to become a second family for you and your loved one to join and continue living and thriving.


What are the signs it might be time to move your loved one into an Assisted Living Center?

Sometimes the signs are hard to see and sometime they are easy to see. Assisted Living is a place to help your loved one with everyday things that might, at their older age, be hard for them to do by themselves. Or maybe you are the one taking on full responsibility of caring for your loved one, and it might be getting to a point that is a little too much for you. We understand and are here to help. What are the signs you may ask?

We suggest you look for : 

  • Dehydration 
  • Forgetfulness
  • Depression
  • Living area not as well kept as it use to be
  • Risk of falling and or frequent brusies 
  • Dementia 
  • Cargiver Stress

All of these signs might mean it may be time. Here is a video that further illustrates the signs:



What is the next step when considering Assisted Living?


When you decided assisted living is your next step, you want to make sure you find the right home for you and your loved one. You want to find somewhere it feels "homey", a place that is prompt in dealing with your concerns, where pet-friendliness is preferred, opportunities to practice your faith, and finally somewhere where everyone knows your name and your loved one's name. A great indicator of all of these attributes is looking for a assisted living center that has been awarded the "Caring Star Award". With this award all the above attributes are reviewed and the award is only given to the top 1 percent in the nation. We are proud to announce that Bel Aire Senior Living won this award for 2014 and 2016. We are honored to not only have received it once but twice and we continue to strive to keep the above attributes at the top of our to do lists.

Here is anarticle to further explain the qualifications of the "Caring Star Award." 


Below is our free ebook to help further your research:

Assisted Living Ebook