Workout Wednesday

Posted by Marissa Barnard on Jun 1, 2016

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It's workout Wednesday!!

What are you doing to get your exercise in? Are you running a mile, maybe climbing a wall. None of the above? Well maybe sitting in a chair ? What, how can sitting in a chair be considered exercise? 


Every morning here at Bel Aire Senior Living our residents gather in the activities room for morning exercises. Yes they may not be able to run a mile or do jumping jacks, BUT what they can do is move and grove. In their seat of coarse. 


Let me tell you how its all done!!


FIRST they start with stretching their arms, neck and legs. The reach as far as they can up and as far as they can down. We want to stretch all their muscles even in their golden years of living. Even their fingers as they are important in everyday life.


SECOND they stretch their arms out to the side and do small circles. This helps build their upper body strength and helps with mobility as well.


THIRD they do ankle rolls. They lift their leg up just slightly and move their ankle in a clockwise circle 5 times and counterclockwise 5 times. Then repeat on the other ankle.


Fourth they reach for their toes and try to keep their legs straight. This is harder than most think. Some staff here can barely touch their toes without bending their knees.


Fifth they massage their hands, arms and neck so as to not get stiff after working out.


Though this may not seem like an intense workout to some, this workout helps our residents become healthy and stay healthy throughout their stay here at Bel Aire Senior Living. When 10:30 rolls around you can see everyone walking up to workout class and inviting everyone, even the CNAs to come join in on their class.


A family that works out together stays together. Am I right?

We move and groove all we can over here at Bel Aire Senior Living. We eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water ( thanks to our hydration program) and smile all to stay healthy. 


Come see for yourself how we workout and other fun activities we do. Just schedule a free consultation. Or look at our activities and services we offer, Click Me!

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