Posted by Marissa Barnard on May 11, 2016

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When caring for your elderly loved one you can be faced with with so many decision and one can become lost as to what to do. Bel Aire Senior Living can help you come to some conclusion on what to do. 

Our CEO Steve Sabins was interview by Senior Care Gurus, and was asked " how to find the right senior living community?" Watch  below to find out more information regarding senior living and what to look for in the communities. 


I’m often asked how to go about finding the right senior living community in Utah County.


First of all, I would say that a major challenge for many families is the guilt they feel when they decide to move their mother or father into a facility. Some feel like they aren’t trying hard enough taking care of their parent while also caring for their own family members, and they also do not want to break their promise to “never put their mother or father into a nursing home.”


What families don’t realize is that assisted living facilities are not at all like nursing homes. In fact assisted living is quite a different environment and model of living. Since families are often confused and overwhelmed by all the long-term care options, I’d like to give three tips to finding a great senior living community in UT County.


First of all,schedule a tour to get first-hand insight. Pay attention to several little details such as: The facility should feel like home, not an institution. The residents should be happy and content and the staff ought to know all the residents by name. Pay attention to how the staff interacts with the residents. Then, ask yourself: “Is it obvious that they truly know and care about them?”


Next, find a community that provides some outside infrastructure--the more the better. For example, they should be able to bring in dentists, doctors, beauticians and other professionals to the community so that the residents don’t have to leave. This will make life much easier for them and more convenient for you.


And third, affordability is another major factor. As you may know, many seniors live on a fixed income. I recommend a facility that operates on an all-inclusive rate, so your expenses don’t change every month based on additional incidental services. Find a facility that has connection with reputable senior financial ad visors to help you apply for Medicaid waivers, Veteran’s benefits and can provide services to best help you pay for assisted living. The facility should work to help you afford the care your loved one needs. Bel Aire teams with you and your family to create the best possible environment for your loved one.


Our expertise is stepping in when you are truly overwhelmed, either, when your parent can no longer live at home by themselves or care giving responsibilities you provide for them. One of the biggest benefits of Bel Aire Senior Living is helping families put their relationships back into proper order so that you as a son or daughter can enjoy time spent with mom and know that she will be safe, well cared for and have plenty of friends to keep her company, when you go home. If you would like to lean more, go to our website where you can learn more about assisted living, our services, our floor plans, our pricing and more. Or you can call us at (801)763-0622.


At Bel Aire Senior Living, it is always personal. We take pride in providing excellent assisted living services, as well as dementia and Alzheimer’s care for those who need an enhanced care option. Your mom or dad deserves a high quality of life and it is our passion to give them just that.


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